Gwen called us the end of October and asked if we could drive over to Waynesville, NC, which is just 80 miles from Knoxville, and take a look at what appeared to be a Wheaten at the Haywood County pound. We called them before we left to see if he was still there and he had been adopted by the Sanctuary Group in Clyde, NC. We called the Sanctuary and they were having “adoption day ” at a local shopping the following Saturday.

So, over we go to NC on Saturday. There he was licking everybody in sight. We wanted to adopt him right there and take him home with us. But NO, we had to come back in a week to fill out an application and be interviewed and bring all our other dogs back with us to see if they all got along. So, over to NC we go with all five dogs in the van, four Wheatens and a Briard. We had our fingers crossed and all the girls passed Barneys inspection.

We fell in love with Barney right from the start. He has the sweetest personality and best manners of any of our dogs. He was pretty skinny when we got him but he is up to 50#s now and looks great.He doesn’t look much like a Wheaten, other than his coat. He looks more like a tawny Briard / Wheaten or Golden Retriever / Wheaten. But whatever he is it’s OK with us.

Walt & Carol