Baxter has quite a story. WIN was contacted by a Sheltie Rescue volunteer in St. Louis, MO about this seven year old. Ross (the Sheltie Rescue volunteer) knew about WIN because when he and his wife, Linda, started looking for a canine companion about a year and a half before and had contacted WIN at that time. However they ended up with a Sheltie…

Ross was called by one of his friends about an ad for a Wheaten in the St. Louis paper. The ad was “free to a good home” and being a good rescue worker, Ross contacted the owners and told them about WIN.

Apparently the wife in Baxter’s original home had developed severe allergies to him and had been hospitalized because of them. Ross then became involved in WIN also! Baxter stayed with his family for a couple of days, where he thoroughly entwined himself into Linda’s heart, and then was WURL’ed to Columbia, Missouri. There in Columbia he met up with Cathy Bower. Off to Kansas City they went.

WIN had already lined up a “Forever Home” in Minnesota with experienced Wheaten owners. All that was needed were volunteers for the WURL. Baxter stayed only a week with Cathy and her family but will never leave her heart! What a sweet,sweet boy! Yes, he does have a moderate stubborn streak but really has a soul of gold. Great with People of all ages and other dogs (didn’t care for the cat) he was a joy to have and we will miss him.

We have gotten a few updates since he went to MN and sounds like he’s living the life of Riley… even gets to be on the couch!