As I write this WIN success story, I still get choked up and teary even thinking about this sweet girl who stole the hearts of everyone she met. Bella was rescued from a puppymill in the Midwest. With the help of many WIN volunteers Bella traveled to New Jersey to be fostered by our family until she could be adopted.

Poor Bella was a mess…she was skinny, dirty and completely unsocialized. We could also see that she was the sweetest, most gentle dog that we have ever met. Bella made herself at home here learning to play and trust. Her favorite thing was our wheaten Maggie. Bella was groomed, vetted and spayed and was on her way to finding her forever home. With the help of Pat and Jean, we looked through many applications and met a few potential adopters.

No one seemed quite right for Bella until we found Beth’s application. She lived farther than I would have liked but she was the right person. My husband and I drove Bella to meet Beth in North Carolina. She had traveled from Georgia. This was my longest foster and giving her to Beth was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. It was the best thing for Bella and that is the most important thing. I couldn’t have done it with out the help of Jean and Pat and I thank them for that.

Bella is now a southern Bell, living the good life with a woman who calls her “her best friend”. The following is from Bella’s mom, Beth: I feel like I have made the best decision of my life in adopting my sweet Bella. After putting my application on WIN’s website, I was contacted by volunteer, Tracy. She emailed two pictures of Bella and I immediately fell in love. after several weeks of learning about Bella’s background through Tracy, it was time to pick up my sweet girl.

I drove to North Carolina to meet Tracy and her husband who had driven all night from New Jersey. At 10:30 am on July 28, Bella and I started our life together. Bella is a special case as are all of WIN rescues. She was so shy and timid and terrified when I brought her home. After Bella got here she got a nasty virus which took about two weeks to overcome.

Needless to say, the first two weeks were filled with sickness for her and tears from me. But then everything got better, Bella got better and began eating again and gained 7 lbs. and is in perfect health. Everyday when I get home, Bella jumps and has running fits around our house because she is so thrilled that I am home. What a joy for me to have her be that thankful of me. If only she knew what a blessing she has been to me! I am so thankful to WIN for finding the perfect and forever home for Bella.

Thank you,

Beth M.
Winston, GA