Boo Boo

I had heard about love at first sight but had never experienced it until we met Boo!!!!

When the front door opened and I saw Boo I instantly fell in love with him. How can you not?!?! He opens his heart and hands it to you so freely! Everyone at home kept telling me what a ‘lucky dog’ Boo was, but that is the furthest from the truth… we are truly the lucky ones!! He trusted us with his tender heart and we gave him ours. He was coming to his “forever home” any doubts about fostering versus adopting were erased instantly. He is the most tender, loving, affectionate boy. By the time we made it back to Spokane he was wagging his tail, kissing us non-stop and bouncing around. He loves going for walks, and because of his energy we forget he is 9-years-old. It is true what they say Wheatens are always puppies at heart!

Our 14-hour drive home was a peaceful drive with lots of smiles and pit stops. Our first trip to the pet store showed me how dear he was because we couldn’t leave the store for all the People he drew to him and he loved every minute of it.

Boo truly believes he is a lap dog. He wraps himself around me whenever I sit and won’t leave my lap. He gives the best kisses!!! His initial shyness is gone and he no longer feels timid around the family. He has settled in and it feels like there was never a time that we didn’t have him.

We want to thank Christy for helping us! She has been wonderful! We are blessed to have Boo and no thanks will ever express that. We also want to thank Diane & Mel for taking Boo into their home and getting Boo all the medical treatment he needed. We thank you for looking after our boy. Not only have we adopted a wonderful boy, we have met such wonderful new friends.

As we settle in we will continue to give you updates about our family. Our family Vet has that he is in amazing health for being 9 years old. I would recommend to anyone to adopt a senior they have lots of love to give and need homes!