Ten year old Boogie found himself looking for a new home in December 2022 after his owners divorced. His mom’s new fiancé did not like Boogie and made her choose between them. So Boogie was turned out of the only home he had ever known and surrendered to a Scottie rescue in the Washington, DC area. The Scottie rescue contacted WIN and said they would continue fostering Boogie if WIN would find a new home and handle the placement.

We were overwhelmed with applications for Boogie when his story went up on our Facebook page. People were both heartbroken and outraged by his predicament. He ended up going to live with a retired couple in the DC area whose Airedale terrier had recently died. They were looking to downsize, and a Wheaten seemed like a good choice. It was love at first sight for all involved. Boogie, now known as Barney, has been living with his new family since late January 2023 and is enjoying being a loved family member once again.