Chelsea was dropped off at the SPCA on Thursday, May 30th. The shelter was crowded at the time, so the SPCA contacted WIN the next day. Gwen called Marc and me, telling us of this 10 year old girl who was dropped off because she was “having accidents” in the house. We immediately drove to pick her up.

Chelsea was confused and scared. Her little Wheaten tail gave us a slight wag, but she looked around the lobby of the SPCA like she was looking for someone. Her eye was watery and her face was tear stained; she looked very much like a sad old dog. A trip to the vet, a good bath and a trim, and some antibiotics were all it took to get Chelsea back in top form. It didn’t take long for her to put our boy in his place – three short barks after she’d had enough of his jumping and he didn’t pester her again! She did not, however, like our three cats. The cats, in fact, spent the next 4 months in the upstairs of our house, peering down at her through the banisters.

Chelsea was an excellent girl, though, and knew she wasn’t allowed upstairs, so she just camped out at the bottom, on “kitty patrol”.

She was the sweetest, gentlest Wheaten we have ever known. She loved her walks. She absolutely loved everyone she met, and had to greet each and every person we encountered on walks. At home, she would simply lay her fuzzy little head in laps, politely asking for some attention. As much as we hated to give her up, our cats just would not accept her.

Finding a home for a 10-year-old dog proved to be a challenge. It takes a special family, and we found that perfect home for Chelsea with Laura, her two daughters, and their rat terrier, Mossimo. The WURL from North Carolina to Iowa took almost a month to arrange, but with the help of many dedicated WIN volunteers, Chelsea joined her new family safe and sound.

I heard from her new mom in January, and Chelsea is doing very well – ready for the cold weather to be over, but still loving her walks!
Susan G