Chloe wasn’t getting along at all with her “sister” cockapoo or the neighbor’s dog. At 15 months, she was determined to be top dog and her family decided they just couldn’t live that way. After a few weeks with Susan Denny, her foster Mom, we started looking for a suitable permanent home. Many thanks to Susan for doing such a wonderful job fostering this little lady.

That home wound up in Falmouth, MA. Chloe’s new folks came all the way to Maryland to get her. She isn’t particularly fond of riding in the car, so it helped to discover that she likes French fries! New Mom, BL, said she was riding with her head in their laps by the end of the fries. Although Susan had warned them that Chloe is a counter-surfer, they learned the hard way. On the first night home, Chloe helped herself to the three raw hamburgers on the kitchen counter. Guess they ate out that night!

I just talked to BL and Breck two nights ago. Chloe is settling in wonderfully. They think she is “perfect”. There is a big pond nearby and Chloe loves to go wading in it. She goes to the office with one of them every day and is a big hit there. She is also enjoying sleeping on the bed between Mom and Dad … on her back, feet in the air. Ahhh! The life of a Wheaten!