Daisy went from a pitiful Wheaten to a beautiful Wheaten.

Montgomery County Shelter called me in the fall of 2013 to ask me if I could help an owner turn-in of a Wheaten in terrible condition. An understatement, for sure. Daisy had two bacterial infections and a yeast infection. She is such a sweet girl and even though her ears were inflamed and had to be painful, when we picked her up, she still gave me kisses when I reached down to look at them.

I enlisted a neighbor to foster her but Daisy quickly became a neighborhood project. Shirley was going away over the Thanksgiving holiday so Donna and Landon (WIN boy and neighbor) and Jack (WIN boy) and I shared having her in Shirley’s absence. Shirley, her main foster mom, gave her weekly baths and we got her to the vet for medications. She responded very well and early in 2014, we placed her with Mike Lowe in Pittsburgh. When he sent me a picture of her shortly after a grooming session, I printed it and posted it over my computer. It makes me smile every time I look at it. We all still miss Miss Daisy.

Pat S. & Jack in the Box