2 ½ year old sweetie

Reason for surrendering him to foster care: Not getting along with brother and litter mate Chip.

From Dale’s Original Owner:

We bought Chip and Dale from a “pet store” which we thought we were doing the right thing. We fell in love with these wonderful dogs and for 2 years it went well. They were brothers and obviously did not decide who the Alpha dog was. We ran into problems late summer when the play fighting turned into vicious fighting. They could not get along with each other anymore. We truly love our “boys”. We never in our lives thought we would have to give up these guys ever. We had them evaluated and we learned that the situation could be managed but it would be extremely hard. They eventually could not be together at all.

We looked closely at who the best could weather the change of moving to a new wonderful family. Here is the description of our two boys:
Dale: Fun loving, sits on your lap (thinks he’s a lap dog). Sneaks food from the table when we are not looking. Wonderful with kids. Brave, stoic, confident. Barks sometimes. Plays running back and forth with Tory our neighbor’s new puppy. He is definitely more independent. Not too sure about “cats”. We own two but the boys never get to see them. Loves to kiss you all over. Licks all parts of your body.
Chip: Fun loving, also thinks he’s a lap dog. A little more nervous and less confident than Dale. Has a little nervous tinkle occasionally. Somewhat brave, loving and loves to gives those wheaten kisses all the time. Kisses and hugs. Sometimes won’t get the hint that he’s not 10 pounds.

As you can see the decision was extremely hard and this was not something we wanted to do. I felt like I failed my boys and that I was just giving one away. But I come to realize that neither of them are happy in the situation they are in now. They need to feel confident in their own home. Our vet and our trainer agreed that Dale would be the braver one. Dale could weather it much better and would be easy to find a home for. They said that Chip would weather it just fine, but may take a bit longer.
When I look into my Dale’s eyes I realize that he will be OK. Mike and his wife will be Dale’s foster parents. He will be introduced to Bailey and their Airedale (who I understand is a riot and loves to have foster brothers and sisters come live with them). I know Mike will take good care of our boy. I wanted everyone to know that we love Dale so very much and that this was one of the most difficult decisions in my life to do. My children are heartbroken but we all know it’s the best for Dale and Chip.

Dear “Dale man”,
I will never in my life stop thinking about you. You are always in my heart and soul. I hope and pray that you will always be safe and loved very much. You’re a good boy and always know that we felt you would be stronger than Chip and braver to find a new loving family. Always know that we love you with all our hearts and I know deep down that Chip loves you too. It was the hardest decision to make and I know that god and your Papou and Bear will be looking over you and taking care of you while you find a new loving home. Be strong little man and love your new family as you have loved and will always love us. WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU…ever

Love your mommy….Jodi

Dear Mike,
Thank you so very much for taking Dale and giving him a foster home until he finds a new permanent home. Please take good care of my boy. We love him so much and I can’t bear to part with him but know I have too. I hope that we can keep in touch and that Dale will be one of those wonderful rescue stories I read on the Wheaten rescue website. Please know we did not want to do this. We cared and loved him with all our heart and that it’s tearing me apart. Thank your wife for me too. I was not sure if you were the Marzo’s that were mentioned quite a bit on the rescue stories but if you are them, thank Jocelyn for her kindness and caring. I pray that he goes to a wonderful home like those stories. They touched me and I want that for my Dale. Always give him hugs and kisses from me.

Take good care of him….thank you for your kindness and love.

Jodi George
Take good care of Dale….
Dale has found a great new home in Ocean NJ with Martin and Jackie Sayne.