Divot was a four-year-old male who came from a home with five children and one other Wheaten. He was surrendered because some problems had developed between Divot and the family’s 13-year-old son.

Divot’s owner dropped him off at my home on a Saturday morning. He seemed to be a very nice, well-cared-for dog. He was very upset when his owner left my home without him, but he quickly adjusted to our household. He claimed the front bedroom window as his own and spent hours in front of it, supervising the comings and goings of everyone and everything on the street.

I felt that Divot would do fine in a quieter household than the one from which he came, preferably one with no young children. The only obstacle to a quick placement and adoption that I could see was that it was the middle of the summer, when many of WIN’s adoption applicants would likely be away on vacation.

When I found Laurie O’Brien’s application, she seemed liked like she could offer an ideal home for Divot. I contacted her and hoped that she would be interested. She was, and came to see him a few days later. She immediately fell in love with him, and after a few days to think things over, she called me back and asked if she could adopt Divot. Laurie was about to go away on vacation, so we agreed that he would stay with me for a few more weeks until she returned from her trip.

Laurie adopted Divot on August 23, 2003. She rechristened him Bailey, and took him back to her northern New Jersey home. According to the updates that I’ve received from Laurie, she and Bailey are doing just fine. Bailey continues to patrol his new neighborhood from Laurie’s front window and both owner and dog are very happy.

Rob Horgan
Cherry Hill, NJ