Dory is a darling 4 year old Wheaten who has had a very rough year.  She was found as a stray and then lived with two different families before finding the perfect home in New York. She has a fondness for chasing cats and other small animals, especially squirrels.

Here’s parts of a note from her new dad: Dory is doing wonderfully… she’s adjusted to the house and she and Casey are following each others lead more and more every day. She loves her crate and she even jumps up on the bed in the mornings with Casey to say hello. She is really a sweetie. She loves her gentle leader, but its a project getting Casey to like it since we had him on a harness. Oh well.  I’m going to start training her in about two weeks. She’s a big fan of cheese so I found my training treat.  She really likes running around the back yard and staring at squirrels in the front… 🙂 Overall, she’s great and we love having her.

Update: March 2005 (note from Dory’s new family!)We’re doing great and Dory has made a really good adjustment.  She still submissively pees with occasional new People (white haired men), but its very rare (unlike before…)  Hopefully in another few months it will be entirely in the past…With us and People she knows she’s affectionate and loves to cuddle on the couch or bed which my wife loves.  She and Casey get along well, though I think Dory missed out a bit on the learning-to-play-with-toys phase when she was younger because she’ll only occasionally play/chase toys.  Casey tries to get her to play all of the time and she will occasionally, but isn’t more likes doing her own thing.  She’s a scrapper and won’t put up with nonsense from visiting dogs or Casey; its funny ’cause Casey is such a little push-over… They both hang out together on the couch for most of the day while I’m home just waiting for the mailman and they’re big fans of the snow in the backyard…