Finley (PJ)

We first saw PJ (now Finley) on pet-finder, where it was stated that he was in desperate need of rescue because his questionable living conditions. Through coordinated effort with the Friends of Linden Animal shelter here in NJ, I picked up 2-year-old PJ from his owner who, due to health issues, could no longer care for him. He was easily the filthiest, smelliest, most matted Wheaten I had ever seen. His back was all one single mat – we could tell he was very uncomfortable. Luckily we had an appointment the very next day to see our groomer. Pete gave PJ the works, and our little guy was much happier when I picked him up that afternoon.

PJ was a wild man, running circles around my boys. He very clearly needed obedience training, so we set out to find an owner who would be patient and willing to work with him. We were confident that once he went to class and learned some manners, he would be a wonderful companion.

We had one family in mind for PJ, but ultimately his energy level, lack of manners, and his revved up Wheaten Greeting was a little bit much for them. We think that fate might have stepped in there because a few weeks later, we found the perfect home for PJ. He’s gone to Arlington, VA to live with his new Mom Jennifer, who settled on a distinguished Irish name for her little guy – Finley.

Finley and his new Mom are doing great. They started with individual obedience classes and are now moving into the basic adult class and the feedback is as we expected; he’s a very smart boy. We are very happy for Finley and for Jennifer.

Kelly Sinnott & Sean Laughlin
Union, NJ

Finley now lives in Charlotte, NC with his mom and dad and brother Chester, a miniature schnauzer. Finley is now a little over 11 years old and is still up to the usual wheaten antics – he gets the zoomies, we get the wheaten greetin’, and we couldn’t love him more. He’s beginning to slow down a bit, but we hope he’ll be with us for a long time to come! Attached are some selfies we took with him on his 11th birthday. He wasn’t amused.