Although this is the story of Finley, it’s necessary to revisit a bit of WIN history to make Finley’s story more complete. ☺

Our beloved wheaten, Farley, passed away on March 11, 2010. Farley was the perfect wheaten and some of my neighbors called him the “grade A student” and “kiss up”. During his 14 years, Farley rarely did anything wrong. Farley’s younger, adoptive brother Paddington (aka Paddy, Bad Boy for Life, Puff Paddy Daddy) was so distraught that we had to take action and adopt another wheatie asap. I submitted an application to WIN and soon afterward Susan Barton called me and I met Belle (formerly known as Debbie). Belle’s story is detailed in the 2010 WIN adoptions. Belle is perfect (like Farley) and has a desire to please just like Farley. She has blossomed into normal wheatie. She routinely initiates contacts with people and other dogs. Belle is a wonderful little girl and is so very much loved. I can’t imagine life without my little Belle (aka Belly, BelLEE, or Mama’s Piggy-Girl as she has a tremendous appetite for such a little pup).

A little over a year later, on May 17, 2011, we lost of beloved Paddy to his cancer. As Paddy’s little sister, Belle was unbelievably sad and her grief was very evident. In the evening, Belle would lay next to me on the living room sofa and utter big sighs and tuck her little head between my shoulder and the back of the sofa. She had never acted this way before. Belle had made such progress in becoming a normal, fun loving wheatie that it was upsetting to see her so heart broken. Paddy was a wonderful big brother. He was confident, strong-willed and exceptionally funny. He really helped Belle feel safe and blossom into a self- confident little girl. I knew Paddy couldn’t be replaced but Belle needed a companion. I contact Susan Barton again and told her of our loss.

By chance, another WIN female wheatie from a Midwest puppy mill had arrived at the Barton home right around the same time Paddy passed away. Belle and I visited the Barton home and met a super shy, adorable little wheatie (22 lbs.) named Annie. Of course we fell in love with her and soon afterward we were fortunate enough to have Annie join our pack. Upon adoption, we changed her name to Finley (aka FinFin, Finny, or LoVEE). Since her adoption in June 2011, Finley has made significant progress in her development. Belle has been a great teacher for Finley. Each day Finley takes further steps in becoming a more normal wheatie. Finley plays “peek-a boo”, she smiles upon arriving at my condo after running/jumping down the hallway “leash free” (I drop the leash and she thinks she is free), she sleeps on her back and messes up her hair when dreaming. Finley mirrors so much of Paddy’s silliness. Belle and Finley adore each other and rarely leave each other’s side. Finley has had some health challenges but she happily tolerates her pills and the same boring vet food day after day. Finley is very much loved and we can’t imagine our pack without her. I thank WIN each day for giving me the opportunity to adopt both of my wonderful little wheatie girls.