I received a call from another rescue in San Angelo, TX. About a female Wheaten Terrier, Harriet, who needed “breed specific” rescue. Harriet’s owner had died and she had been hanging out in the nursing home for a while. Apparently, no one there knew how to care for a Wheaten or a dog in general!! She was in rough shape with toenails so long they had to be painful. She was very thin, her ears were “clogged” with matted hair, and I don’t know when she had been brushed or bathed last. They were able to get Harriet on a transport to Mason, TX. and I met her there. I took Harriet back to Blanco and gave her a much needed bath and groom. She was so good and sweet as I pulled the hair out of her ears, bathed and groomed her. I made an appointment with Dr. Portie, at Sunset Canyon Vet Clinic in Dripping Springs. It was very obvious that Harriet needed a dental and Dr. Portie could do it the following day. A potential adopter, Kera Race, from Austin met Harriet at the vet and fell in love with her. Even though it was the Christmas Holidays, and Kera had company, she took Harriet home to love her forever.