Herbie is a two year old (9/9/99) neutered male who has blossomed during his four months in foster care. His first family divorced and neither party could/would take Herbie, so he was given to neighbors. The neighbors kept him for 2 months, then surrendered him to WIN. The surrendering family indicated he was great with their children but tended to bark at other kids in the neighborhood, which caused their parents concern. Herbie spent a week in another foster home and was then transferred to his current foster home. When he arrived, he was a very confused, rather thin fellow with a “buzz” haircut to his somewhat poor coat (see top photo) and was not housetrained.

Today, Herbie is a strapping young wheaten. He has gained five pounds and currently weighs in at 41lbs. His coat has grown and is in somewhat better condition, likely due to better diet brushing every other day. He does nicely at the groomer, is fairly tolerant of home grooming and loves to have his teeth brushed! He joyously races around the backyard with his foster brother and sister (it was obvious had hadn’t had much interaction with other dogs, but has learned to play appropriately now). He loves his daily walks, but will need a fenced in yard to work off his wheaten energy. Herbie has graduated from beginning obedience, is crated trained and is now 95% housetrained. He is confined to the kitchen during the day while his foster mom works and has had no “accidents” during the day. In fact, any accidents are quite rare now. Most of all, Herbie has his Wheaten joy of life back. He is a happy young clown who loves to be loved and be with his humans. All Herbie needs now is a forever home with a loving family who will continue his training and he will return that love a thousand fold.