Our friends, Nancy and Eric, belong to a local freecycle group. Basically it is a website where a member can offer, for free, “stuff” that they don’t want. One day in April, Nancy and Eric happened upon a Wheaten looking dog being offered for free on the site and sent it to my attention.
The person offering the dog was requesting anyone interested in the dog submit a letter stating why they would be the best person to take this dog. Seems that a few nights earlier there had been a great thunder and lightning storm and this dog had shown up, scared and shaking, in this person’s yard. She couldn’t afford to keep the dog.

I sent her an e-mail and told her the dog looked like a Wheaten and that WIN would like to be considered to place the dog. The woman agreed and met me in the parking lot of a nearby vet clinic. Poor little guy was scared and shaking like a leaf so I named him Jakey like shakey Jakey. The vet clinic checked him for a microchip. He had none. I then placed a found ad in the newspaper to see if his owner was looking for him. While Jakey was very cute, he definitely was not a Wheaten but I had taken him so that we could secure him a good home.

After attempts to locate Jake’s owner’s failed, we began to look for a new forever home for Jake. Friends of ours, Bobbi and Jay, had a Wheaten mix and were considering adding another dog to their family. They came over and visited with Jake and then we took Jake to visit his potential new home and brother, Bennie. Both dogs had fun playing together so it was apparent that Jake had found his new home.

Jake’s new neighbors have a Jack Russell named Martini or Tini for short. In keeping with the beverage theme, Jake was renamed Cosmopolitan or Cosmo for short!

Cosmo is enjoying his new life. His new “mom” is a massage therapist so he gets to make house calls and visit with the clients that come to his house. He also is a welcome visitor at the local nursing home where he entertains one and all with his continuously wagging tail and happy go lucky attitude. It’s a good life for this boy found on the streets!