Jameson (aka Jamie, aka, Little Man) celebrated his one year anniversary of being adopted into our family this past week. We celebrated with extra cuddles and a little something special with his usual breakfast food. He enjoys his daily run/walks in the park with Mom, and enjoys chasing after the dastardly birds and squirrels that dare appear near him.

Our Little Man has come quite a long way in our year—from the shy, silent, skinny little guy that came into my life to the exuberant, happy, healthy, talkative, playful boy that he is now. He loves going to visit relatives, since that’s where the extra big yard is and his doggy buddies.

He has a thirst for learning, which we discovered when he nibbled on a couple of books, giving them a new, unique character.

His favorite movie is “Lady and the Tramp,” during which he keeps up a running commentary of mournful howls when Lady appears as a puppy, and loud, excited barking when he sees Tramp. He has certainly made movie night much more entertaining.