Jeff turned 11 last month and seems to be enjoying his new home and his position as “Mr. President” (our nickname for him because Leigh and I love history). We wondered whether he might be lonely as the “only dog” but he seems to like it that way. We did think when we first got him that we might still get a female Wheaten pup, but after observing his dislike of puppy antics in the obedience class we took, as well as outdoors in the park, we thought that would be too much of a trial for him.

We then considered maybe adding an adult female, but decided that he really would be happier as the only dog. He truly loves People and seems puzzled when People pass him without a pat. He enjoys the friends who visit us and had no problems when my mother stayed with us for a week. He enjoyed his Christmas trip, both the traveling aspect and seeing a new household. He didn’t mind that 10 People were moving about and doing weird things like unwrapping presents.

We hope to return in the summer and see how he likes the nearby park system. His health has been pretty good, especially recently. Our vet was wonderful and able to track down the likely reason behind Jeff’s chronic regurgitation. The vet Holly used should be included in this too since she did the tests which ruled out the most obvious choice: megaeusophogous.

After experiencing a bad time in late Dec./early Jan. our vet decided to treat Jeff for IBD, putting him on 3 meds and on Hill’s z/d low allergen. This, along with the practices of feeding him on an elevated surface and exercising him after a meal, has worked wonderfully. Jeff is now only on 2 meds. and on z/d Ultra, and rarely regurgitates any more. Once in a while he will drink too fast and bring up some water, but that’s about it. He loves the z/d enough that we can use it in his clicker training. Through his illness his spirits remained at a high level. Jeff has plenty of the Wheaten zip in him!

He hops and whirls at meal times, and after a brushing he relieves his feelings with a “sugar fit” AKA FRAP session. He is an incredibly sweet and loving guy. He has brought us a great deal of joy, helping Leigh and me through our grief in losing Cleburne last summer. He could not replace Cle, but he is just as lovable! Thank you WIN for bringing this wonderful boy into our lives!!