Jemma (previously known as Abby) came to WIN in October 2022 at the age of 12 weeks. She was surrendered by her breeder who was unable to sell her because she was showing signs of incontinence. During a week in foster care, she seemed to show decent bladder control for her age but her backside was often damp, so we knew something was not right.

We placed Jemma in a permanent home while continuing to take responsibility for her vet bills. A vet exam revealed some abnormalities in her vulva so she was referred to a specialist for an ultrasound and further examination. It was then that we learned that Jemma was a hermaphrodite. While genetically female, she had some rudimentary male genitalia in addition to a normal female anatomy. The male appendage was blocking her urine flow, which caused her to appear to be leaking.

Jemma underwent surgery in February 2023 to remove her male genitalia and to re-route her urethra. She is still recovering but so far, all indications are that the surgery was a success. Her mom reported that the day after the surgery, Jemma seemed to be able to relieve herself comfortably and normally for the very first time. She has just had her sutures removed and is ready to get started on the rest of what we hope will be a long and happy life.