I received a call from a Golden Retriever rescue person in Midland, Texas, saying that someone had brought a Wheaten named Jingles to the shelter. This person said they could not keep Jingles because he was outside on their ranch and was afraid he would get bitten by Rattle snakes. Now —I have heard it all!!!

The Golden person was driving to Austin for the dog shows that Friday. So, I drove to Austin, met her at 10:00 p.m. and Jingles & I got back to Houston at 1:00 a.m. He turned out to be a very sweet boy with the exception of being afraid of men. After a couple of weeks, Jingles was placed with Karen, who was willing to work with his fears.

Here is her email-Hi Gwen! It’s Jingles’ Mom, Karen. Things are going so well with Jingles. We graduated from obedience class, and he did such a good job. I was so proud! He’s also fine now with men in the house. I think he’ll always be more timid around men, but I’ve made a huge effort to socialize him both inside and outside the house. Plus, he loves getting in the car to go on adventures! Bringing Jingles into my house was pretty effortless. He was potty-trained and aims to please. It’s been perfect. He has the run of the house, and I make a point of cuddling with him a lot. Jingles never misbehaves and is the center of my attention.