On November 9, 2002, Terry and I took part in the WURL of an older boy, Cecil, who was heading for a new home out west. We were staying overnight on Toledo and picking up a wee mite named KatieMae. She was coming home with us to be fostered here and evaluated for her incontinence. We handed Cecil off to Roxann and Tim and they took him to South Bend where they met up with Dee and Tina who gave them Katie. Roxann and Tim brought her back to us and we fell in love that with little black Wheatie face. She was as sweet as she was cute, a 3 ½ month old charmer.

She was a pet store purchase, bred by a notorious puppy miller. Her older owner couldn’t cope with her constantly wet behind and, thankfully, surrendered her to WIN.

Katie had a couple of visits to our regular vet. Other than a slight ear infection and her incontinence, she was perfectly healthy. Our vet referred her to a specialist for tests and possible surgery. Katie had an IVP that showed she had a pelvic bladder with ectopic ureters, meaning her bladder was way back in her pelvis with the ureters attaching behind and below this rudimentary bladder. The urethra was less than an inch long. There was no surgery that could help. The options we were given were either let her live in diapers or put her down. Well, the second was not an option. She was too cute and bright, she make someone a wonderful pet.

Time went by, she became Liffey’s very best friend, my cuddle baby and Terry’s shadow. He broke his ankle and she spent a long time snuggling in his arms, taking naps with him. She became part of the family. It soon became evident that no one wanted a puppy with this type of medical problem. I contacted a few applicants but no interest. At this time, unbeknownst to me, some very dear friends could tell how much we loved this little “foundling” and, between them, were quietly paying her adoption fee. Needless to say, Terry and I were speechless and very touched when we found out.

Sometimes I get tired of changing diapers, daily baths, the matting on her hind quarters and constantly watching for diaper rash. But that never lasts more than a minute. This little girl climbs up onto my lap, lays her head on my chest and looks into my eyes and I melt and thank the heavens that her owner turned her into WIN so she was spared an unimaginable fate. If she had been returned to the pet store, she would have either been destroyed or returned to the horrific conditions at the puppy mill and bred to her death, like her mom.

Thanks to WIN, Finbar and Liffey have a good friend to play with and we have learned even more patience that we would have thought possible!