We first began our search on the Internet. We were looking for a dog that didn’t shed much, was medium in size, and had a playful personality. Our research led us to the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and the Kerry Blue Terrier. We thought Wheatens were the cutest and began there.

We completed an adoption application early on and sent it to several rescue coordinators. As it turns out we never heard anything. Finally we decided to email one of the persons we sent the application to and she led us to the Wheatens In Need website. There we finally hit pay dirt.

The first Wheaten we tried to get didn’t work out due to our personal living and working circumstances and then we saw Kayla. We were thrilled at the possibility of getting her. We completed another adoption application and sent it to Gwen, the rescue coordinator, in Houston and were hoping for the best. It was about a week later that Gwen let us know Kayla was ours. We were so excited. We originally had plans to go to Boston for a long weekend to visit a friend, but had no qualms about canceling when we knew it meant getting Kayla.

So two days later we picked Kayla up at a local Wheaten owner’s and WIN volunteer’s house who Gwen had called and arranged to take Kayla from the original owners in New Jersey. It all worked out really well since we live on Long Island in New York.

Since getting Kayla she has been a real joy. She’s had a few accidents here and there and a couple of chewing incidents but nothing major. She is definitely one of the best behaved dogs we’ve ever known. She is so lovable and loves to socialize. We take her for walks frequently and she likes it more to see what’s going on in the neighborhood than anything else.

We found she doesn’t care much for being brushed, but she sure looks great when we’re finished. We have switched her medication to one our vet feels is better for her and she’s doing pretty well. She has an accident now and then when she gets really excited when we come home from work but other than that she is totally controlled.

We are so lucky to have found Kayla and are grateful to all those who took part in helping us to get her.

Sandy and John