We have some great history with our friends at Wheatens in Need. In 2005 we adopted a sweet Wheaten named Bridget, you can learn about her in the 2005 stories. We got her at age five and had her almost nine years, she was an exceptional dog. After she passed in December of 2013 we gave it a little time and then adopted Daisy through WIN in March of 2014. Her story is in the 2014 stories.

But I want to tell you about Kobe. Kobe was dropped at a shelter in Prince George’s County, Maryland in July of 2014. He spent just about two weeks there when Wheatens in Need heard of his plight and Pat Simrell picked him up. They needed a foster family. Rob Horgan called my wife and I, of course we said yes.

Kobe was approximately twelve years old when we got him. He was thin and rather hand shy. He seemed particularly wary of women for some reason. We hand fed him for the first week. We worked hard to earn his trust and he responded beautifully. After five or six days we realized that we were “foster failures” and started the paperwork to make him a permanent member of our pack. Kobe, my wife Jackie, our other dogs and I could not be happier.

We jokingly refer to him as our grumpy old man. He has a lot of personality and he loves to snuggle. You would never believe that he is the same dog that was so skittish and hand shy. Daisy, our other WIN rescue has become his buddy. They are quite the team.

In the group photo Daisy is on the left and Kobe on the right.