Lacy spent (not lived) the first 5 years of her life in a puppy mill, without a name or any kindness, giving birth over and over in her wire crate prison till her little body could no longer produce. She was no better off than a child in a sweatshop being used for the greed of something less than human. When she stopped producing she was left to starve till WIN came to her rescue in the fall of 2008. Scared and insecure she escaped from her first foster home in Nebraska & was on the loose for 9 days in the freezing winter. Karin TarQwyn a dog tracker from OK was called in to help and within 2 days found Lacy. In March 2009 Lacy came to TX to be fostered by Ray and Karen White and of course Molly and Megan (WIN rescues). There she lived till the perfect “Lacy” home applied to adopt her in August 2009. Lacy’s only job now is getting and giving love in her new forever home!

Lacy’s Story Starting August 8, 2009

I started looking at the WIN site on the internet sometime in June of 2009 and could not stop reading about the Success Stories of so many Wheatens. We already had our two boy Wheatens, Jake and Zeke but we decided that we had room in our lives and hearts for one more. Little did I know when I sent in an application to adopt from WIN, what a wonderful Little Lady was going to come into our lives. I really never expected to hear from WIN and was pleasantly surprised when I received a call from Gwen Arthur. She told me that they might have a rescue that would fit into our family. She gave me Karen and Ray White’s telephone number and told me to call if I was interested.

I called Karen the next day and she told me all about their little foster Lacy and some of her issues. She said if I thought that we would be interested, we could come and visit with Lacy. We visited Lacy on August 8th and it was Love at First Touch. Ray picked up Little Lacy and sat her in my lap and all I could do was feel her need for love and affection. We took Lacy home and introduced her to Jake & Zeke and they fell in love with her at first sight. They immediately started being her Big Brothers and doting on her.

Roger is my husband and he is confined to a wheelchair and Lacy attached herself to him immediately and almost seemed protective of him. We could not keep our hands off of this Little Girl; she just needed so much love and affection. She was very cautious of her new surroundings because her home at been with Karen and Ray for nearly six months.

Jake and Zeke kept taking their toys up to Lacy wanting her to play with them; they did not understand why she did not want to play. Then Lacy went to our bedroom and jumped right up on the bed and lay down. I went and lay down with her and she just snuggled up next to me and went to sleep. Roger said that when he checked on us, we were both asleep with Lacy wrapped up in my arms. The rest of the story is that Lacy has slept in our bed every night since, right along with the rest of the Peterson clan.

After a few days Lacy started to come to us when we called her and would sit in our laps and she loves to be rocked. She gets up on our ottomans and gets her back and belly rubs from me and Roger, as do her brothers. I get down in the floor with all three of our Puppy Kids and play with them every day and this is Lacy’s favorite time of the day, except of course bed time.

For about the first two weeks, we just opened the back door and let her go out to take care of business. My biggest challenge was teaching Lacy to use the doggy door. Lacy is very skittish of most things and me closing the door scarred her, so I had to try to show her that it was OK. I would take Lacy outside and shut the door and get down in the grass on my hands and knees and call Lacy and crawl to the back door and show her the opening and of course, all of this time my Boys are running in and out thinking that their Mom was losing her mind. After a couple of days Lacy started to come in through the doggy door but would not go out. Several times a day, I would take Lacy to the door and place her close to the opening and she would go out, but not on her own. After about a week of putting her in front of the opening, she went out on her own.

Roger called me into the kitchen to see that Lacy went out on her own and we were so excited for her. She would go out and turn around and come back half way in and just stand there in amazement with her butt outside and her head inside. We watched her forever and laughed so hard at her expression and in and out; in and out; in and out. She still after six months will quite often stand with her head in and her butt out and just look at us almost like she is smiling at her accomplishment. We always brag on her when she does something new and tell her; “You Can Do It Lacy, You Can Do It!” She is such a joy to behold.

Lacy’s first “Bark”. I was sitting in the floor playing with the Puppy Kids and they always look out of the windows and watch for people walking their dogs. Someone was walking by and the Boys were looking out the window barking and Lacy just stood in the middle of the floor and barked, I was so surprised that I just looked at her and called Roger and said that Lacy Barked!! I could not wait to e-mail Karen and Ray and tell them that Lacy Barked, because I know that it bothered them that they did not hear her bark the whole time they had her.

Karen and Ray told me that Lacy loved to ride in a car and boy were they right. We could not believe after a few weeks at our house, the excitement that Lacy showed when we ask her if she want to go for a ride. I have named her excitement” Lacy’s Squiggly Dance”. She starts wagging her tail and running to jump up in my lap and starts wiggling all over and I swear that she grins. Her face gets all squishy and the excitement just explodes from her.I have always carried a cup of ice water for my Boys to drink on our rides. At first Lacy would not even look at the cup of water, now she is the first to poke her head in the cup and get a good long drink. The funny thing is that they have to have a drink before we even back out of the garage.

The Peterson Family wants to thank Wheatens In Need again for saving Little Lacy and letting us be the Lucky Forever Family that has the honor of loving her forever. Thanks to all of the people that donated money and voted for Little Lacy P and made her the Grand Marshall of Wheatens on Parade Marchers for 2010.