Lady lands a great home at 9 years young!

It was only a few days after Christmas of 2000. Our house was beginning to return to normal after a Happy New Year. Suddenly, there was an email from Gwen. Several Wheaties were in need and foster homes were needed immediately. I was headed out of town and could not take the desperate ones, but there was an older dog who had growled at her owner’s baby and was in need of fostering but could wait until I returned home.

My daughter and I met Lady for the first time at a large mall. Her owner dropped her off with her blanket and her bowls. Her haircut and her undocked tail made her look like a spaniel, but we could see she was very much a wheatie. We took her straight to the good Dr. Sarle for examination and he told us that she had an abscessed tooth and needed dental work ASAP. Within the week she had her teeth cleaned and the bad tooth extracted. Her story from here on is pretty uneventful. She is a gentle and obedient girl who never made a mistake in the house and learned to live in peace with Zoe in a very short time. We thought that bad tooth must have made her very unhappy and testy. We cut her hair to the Wheaten style and let her settle in to become the vigilant guardian of the house. There was a large and dangerous squirrel population that had to be kept under close watch, and a nasty group of grackles and blackbirds that needed chasing several times a day. Lady took this responsibility very seriously and was always at her post at the back door keeping guard. She took charge and never left her post unless for walkies and treats and some car rides and clicker fun playing 101 Things to do With a Box. We grew to love her very much.

She now has a happy new home with Elaine and Gerry, who lost their Wheaten as a result of zinc poisoning from a noisemaker she swallowed after chewing a Wiggly Giggly Ball. Lady will never replace their lost Maggie, but she has filled a void in their lives. We all thank the Allens for rescuing Lady and giving her a loving home where she can spend the rest of her days as their companion.