All of our WIN dogs are special, but every now and then one comes along that is truly exceptional. Libby was such a dog. Her owners were in the process of divorcing. The family home was about to be sold, and they felt that Libby would be better off in a more stable home environment.

Even though she was a little over two years old, Libby was still very much a puppy. Despite her severe summer haircut that made her look more like a Parson Russell Terrier, it was apparent from Libby’s behavior that she was 100% Wheaten. She had a friendly, outgoing demeanor and quickly stole the hearts of all who met her. She played well with other dogs and was friendly with children. I knew that it would not take long for her to be adopted.

When the Creran family came to meet Libby, they immediately succumbed to her charms, as others before her had done. They were anxious to adopt her, but we all knew that the final decision was up to the Boss – the Crerans’ 18-month-old Wheaten Benny. We arranged to do a home check the following afternoon, and to introduce Libby to her prospective new brother. To everyone’s great relief, the two dogs got along extremely well.

From watching Libby playing with Benny and interacting with the Crerans’ daughters, I knew that I had found the perfect home for Libby. She was too busy “hamming it up” for her new family to care very much that I was leaving without her.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This photograph of Libby and her new family proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this story had the best possible ending. We all hope that Libby and the Crerans will have many years of happiness together.