Since Wheatens are scarce here in Alabama, my fiancé and I signed up to adopt a Wheaten from WIN with little hope we’d get one and if we did get one, we were afraid it would be like 18 years old and have been mistreated.About 6 months later, around 10 PM, and the weekend before final exams, we got an email from Gwen saying they’d found a Wheaten in Tennessee and that they had a lady going to check her out and take her home. So the next night we met her in Atlanta and picked up our adorable, yet smelly new Wheaten.

She had been temporarily named Daisy but we felt we could do better, hence, Lizzie. Lizzie was the perfect dog for us and after 6 months we still laugh at the goofy faces she makes. She is the best Wheaten ever and a wonderful addition to our family. She loves to bark at People when they come over but once she quiets down, they ooh & ahh over her (especially her beautiful brown eyes). Lizzie loves squirrels and anything else that moves too quickly for her to catch. Anywhere we go she follows close behind even if it is just to the other side of the room. We’d like to thank Gwen for setting us up with Lizzie and Carol Brown for traveling to Tennessee to pick up our wonderful Wheaten and continuing to give us support.

Eric, Amy & Lizzie