Long Island Bailey

Bailey (Long Island) Cohen is safe and sound in his new home, with his forever family. We cannot begin to thank all the WIN people who contributed to this adoption, but we are going to try!

Gwen, you run an amazing organization. For all the millions of dogs in the world, the Wheatens have to be the luckiest breed of them all. Your dedication and knowledge is impressive, to say the least.

For all the WIN folks who chimed in on my questions last month about MRSA… it was comforting to know that your knowledge base was greater than my vet’s…or shall I say ex-vet? You are a incredible community of selfless people, and I am so glad to be a WINner too!
Michelle Mellor, you are an instant best-friend! Not only did you volunteer to drive a long leg of the WURL, you demanded that we do it even if the snow was going to be shoulder deep! You lent us your expertise on staff infections and calmed our nerves. You are one of the nicest, sweetest people I have ever met. The Cohen family loves you and Riley!

And last, but in no way, shape or form least…Susan and Marc Getter. I know this sounds like an exaggeration, it is not; you are the most giving, warm, and generous people we know. From that first e-mail in the middle of January right up today, you have done everything short of standing on your heads to make sure this adoption went smoothly and was right for everyone involved. The love and care you gave Bailey while he was in your home will never be forgotten by us or Bailey, I am sure. You made sure he went to vets and specialists when needed, but mostly you gave this dog the attention he so desperately wanted and deserved. We know that parting with him was heartbreaking for you but we promise that we will continue what you started. He will always know love and a safe home.

Bailey and our 6 yr. old Wheaten, Murphy have gotten along from the second they met. They have been inseparable. We worried that 2 males may not get along, but we followed the directions given to us by WIN on how to introduce them, and it went great…other than the brake on Bailey’s extendable leash getting jammed, and him taking my cousin on a 1/2 mile pull…other than that…all good! Last night Murphy woke up several times and left our bed to go upstairs and check on Bailey, sleeping at the foot of my 14 yr. old son’s bed. Each time he saw everything was fine, he came back downstairs and snuggled back to sleep. Bailey came with tons of new toys! The only toy Murphy will play with is a empty plastic milk container. Murphy dropped one in front of Bailey this morning, and the next thing we knew Bailey had given up his toys for the milk jug! Can you tell that we are LOVING being a 2 Wheaten family?

Thank you doesn’t seem nearly enough for the love you have helped add to our family. Each year on the anniversary of Bailey’s adoption we hope to donate to WIN to commemorate this very special event, it feels like the least we can do in exchange for all that WIN has done for us. You will be hearing from us, and about us..(Bailey still has some FUNKY skin issues that we will have LOTS of questions about!!!) for a long time to come.

You are all incredible folks…big hugs from
The happy Long Island Cohens…Susan, Brian, Jourdan, Ross, Murphy and Bailey