Lylah was surrendered to WIN by a family whose changing circumstances made a poor situation for a dog. Too busy, too many hours away from home, too many other priorities—Lylah was at the bottom of the list. Because of the owner’s recent job change, she was crated a very unhealthy 10 to 12 hours a day. This was a bad situation for a young 15-month-old Wheaten, and her owner contacted WIN to find a better situation for her. We had a wonderful volunteer, Anne, who fostered her and brought her whole company’s staff into the care and rehab of Lylah. She was fed, walked, petted, groomed, and doted on while we searched for the right match. Lylah’s sparkling personality and need for activity was a perfect match for Gail and her husband. Gail had applied to WIN after losing a beloved senior Wheaten who was her constant companion. Lylah was ready for the assignment. Not only that, but Gail lives on a small farm, with rescued horses and lots of activity. Lylah fit in from the first day and never looked back. She built strength, learned how to go for walks, and discovered what it means to be a beloved pet.

Gail gives us regular updates on Lylah, each one better than the last. Here’s the latest: “Lylah has turned out to be a great family dog. She looks wonderful and has adjusted very well. I have attached a few photos of her so you can see how wonderful she looks! Never an accident in the house and she always asks to go out. She enjoys the farm very much. Been chasing the turkeys and barking at the foxes that pass through the property. Lylah makes me smile every day.”