Hi, I’m Mac, a slightly senior fella that has fallen on some hard times. My owner couldn’t keep me after all these years and sent me to the SPCA, because she didn’t know what else to do. Well some nice folks that do rescue and fostering came and bailed me out and are trying to help. They brought me to live with them here in Allentown all the way from Boston. This week they are taking me to have my teeth cleaned, yuk! They have been trying to get my weight back up because I couldn’t eat at the SPCA because I was too sad, so I got real skinny, but that’s getting better everyday.

I like living with these folks but it’s a little crowded for an older gentleman like myself, kinda noisy sometimes too. Just so you know I like to hang out in the yard sunning, I like treats, and walks, being petted and snuggled, and just hangin’ out, sometimes I get a little grumpy and forget my table manners, but not often. I’m real healthy and wouldn’t be any problem, in fact I’m in such good shape I can still jump a baby gate without a problem. To let you know I will need a fenced yard to hang out in, I’m blind in one eye and a little limited in the other and may wander off if I’m not in a contained area. If you think you might like to provide me with a forever home, please call my foster parents.

We’ve just past our 6th week anniversary with Mac as a member of our family…can’t believe he’ll be leaving us next week 🙁 The first week we had him, we went for a walk in the park and ran into our friends, Gladys and Pete. We haven’t seen them since then, until today.

Mac ran up to Pete and and gave him the Wheaten Greetin’. Pete does not let our two jump on him so we were kind of surprised. Pete said, oh you have another dog! What happened to the sick one you had? I asked him, what sick one? He said the old, blind one. I said, that’s him jumping all over you. Well, he and Gladys could not believe this big, healthy, solid looking dog was Mac! What a great compliment!!! We think he looks great but to have it confirmed by someone else who saw him 6 weeks ago…well, that’s just the greatest feeling. We are really going to miss this old boy…..

Mac knew something was up today. Every time one of us left, he would run to the door with us. Makes you wonder if they really do understand us. We told him yesterday that he was going to a new home today.
Marty, Mac and I headed up to New City, NY this afternoon to meet Mac’s forever Mom at her friend’s house that was conveniently located between the two of us! We arrived within minutes of each other.

Mac was very excited to be somewhere new and to meet someone new. He went and leaned on Pat so that she could pet him. We spent some time visiting. Pat’s first Wheaten was a former show dog in 1979 and his name was MAX! Just further reassured me that we had picked the right home for our Mac.

We headed out after about an hour of pictures and hugs and tears. As we pulled out of the driveway, Pat was giving Mac a treat from the back of her car…he didn’t even know we left. He found a nice lady with treats and car keys…what more could he ask for! Wait ’til he meets his sister and finds out he lives at the beach! Lucky Boy!

In the pictures, Mac with long hair, Mac with new do and his sister Alli. Alli is 14 and Mac is 11.