Littermates Milo & Macy were rescued by WIN from a busted Arkansas puppy mill in August 2008.

At just 6 months old, they were already showing signs of the deplorable lives mill dogs live. They were covered in vomit and feces, scared out their minds with the usual social issues of mill dogs. Milo was almost twice Macy’s weight, taking her food and dominating her. Because of this, we decide to put them in separate foster homes. Milo stayed with the Whites and Macy went to another foster home in Little Elm, where on the fourth day she escaped.

When Macy got lost on Wednesday morning and Karen got the call from the foster person, they printed and “papered” the houses in the neighborhood with 8 X 10 flyers of Macy. The authorities would not allow “posters” on the street!! On Thursday, I knew I had to go to try to help, so Friday morning I drove to Little Elm (5 1/2 hour drive).

Just after I arrived in Little Elm, Karen got a call and someone had seen Macy–Karen and Ray were on their way from Lewisville (45 minute drive), so she called me–I went to the place where Macy had been seen. After walking a little ways, I sighted her down on the edge of the lake in some tall brush — she did not see me at first, so I just squatted down and waited for Ray and Karen to arrive–Macy spotted me and took off across the other side of this “slue” of the lake and when I followed, I sunk to my knees in the mud (that looked like sand) –after getting exhausted trying to get out–called Karen on my “muddy” blackberry–said “I am stuck in the mud”–she thought I was having a heart attack–then I thought– Karen will also get stuck if she tries to pull me out, so as I continued to struggle, I remembered back to the days when I got stuck in the powder snow while skiing — I had to get parallel to the mud–so I pulled my feet out again (without loosing my boots) and finally was able to crawl out of the mud.

The rest of the day, we continued to sight Macy but would lose her again (this place is an old neighborhood with a lot of junk in the yards). One time on Friday, Ray found Macy in a garden–he got out of his truck and squatted down (while she was at Ray and Karen’s house, Ray would hold her while sitting in his chair) Macy stopped and took a double take of Ray, then took off again. Once, we had her cornered in a cul-de-sac, Karen even had little Milo on a lead and harness–Macy darted out to the left of us–Since the foster person had taken her collar and lead off we could not get close enough to Macy to grab her–we also did not have enough people helping us on Friday to surround her. When we lost light on Friday, we left, thinking she would be in that same area on Saturday –so we went back to Lewisville and started calling people to get more “foot” help for Saturday.

On Saturday, we had more help, but we had no sightings of Macy. So finally that afternoon, everyone had to leave. What we did not realize, was that Macy had “moved” out of that neighborhood and up in another area close to the highway, where there was a Subway, and other fast food places. (no construction guys working who had leftovers in their lunch sacks) Saturday afternoon, we did get calls from people who said that they had seen her near the highway–but there was also another white terrier running around and although we went to look and “paper” that neighborhood, we did not think it was Macy that the people had seen. Sunday was more of the same and we decided to bring in a tracker and his dog from Oregon. They arrived Sunday evening & went to work Monday morning before light. After 4 hours the tracker told us that Macy was all over the place and it would take 3 days of tracking and at $50 for 15 minutes, a lot of money, to track Macy so he went back to Oregon but gave us some other ideas.

Every night we to bed with hopes that the next day we would get Macy back and every day those hopes were “dashed”. One night we had received a call from someone who was sure Macy was under their house and “could not get out”–would not let us come over then, but we could come over after 8:00 the next morning—“there is no way the dog can get out”!! We were there at 8:00 and there was no Macy and many ways she could have gotten out!! Still wanting to be sure, Ray crawled around under that dangerous house. I had to get back to Blanco on Wednesday & while we were sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the Dallas morning traffic to die down, so that I could leave, we got a call that the animal control officer had Macy cornered in a base ball field–right on the busy highway. We grabbed our boots and drove 80 miles an hour to Little Elm. Just before we arrived, Macy found a hole and got out again–animal control office did NOT follow her!! Every other morning we had been right there in that area—Karen and I looked for a while, but could not find her–then that afternoon, Macy got killed by a car on that busy highway.

We are all sad and very sorry, Macy. We took you from a puppy mill in hopes of giving you a better life–you did get to enjoy a couple of days with Ray, Karen, Molly, Megan and your brother, Milo–may you enjoy yourself at the Bridge!!