Maddie and Thurber

Maddie and Thurber needed a new home when their mom Evelyn sadly passed away from cancer. Stan, Evelyn’s brother, asked Gwen if WIN could take the dogs in and find them a loving home. Maddie and Thurber were in Indiana – Cheryl in Colorado was delighted when WIN volunteer Jacky contacted her about adopting the pair. Cheryl and family had just lost their Wheaten, and so she was very excited to adopt not one, but two, Wheatens. Planning a long WURL from Indiana to Colorado took some doing. Three new volunteers helped with the WURL, and Cheryl and her spouse also drove a total of 14 hours to get their babies.

Cheryl, Stan, and Jacky still keep in touch.

Cheryl provided this update about Maddie and Thurber in February 2015:

Just wanted to give you an update on Maddie and Thurber. Both are happy and well and just amazing dogs. I feel so fortunate to have them, and it seems like they’ve been with us forever. Maddie is still the ring leader and lets me know when Thurber wants to go outside – get a treat – or you name it. If he’s thinking about something, she makes sure I’m aware of it. They still go to work with me every day and actually I’ve cut down to part-time so they are never alone. It’s gotten to the point where we feel guilty just going out to dinner and leaving them home as both give us the STARE when they know we are about to leave and we give in. So, to solve that, they usually come along (cool weather or shade permitting). It’s funny though – Thurber usually sits by my bedroom door in the morning trying to figure out if he’s going to be able to go with me – work clothes, he gets excited, but if I’m in my running gear, he just goes to the couch downstairs and sulks. Wish they could run with me, but unfortunately both have hip issues. Thurber is able to go 3-4 miles, but a mile is the most for Maddie. It’s a little bit challenging only taking one at a time, but I really don’t have a choice. They are so close – they never fight or have disagreements – and if I only take one for a short run/walk the other becomes quite ‘hysterical’ – ‘cries’ and runs around the house barking and howling until we return. Not sure if it’s because they don’t want to be separated or if one is just upset that they’re being left behind.

Anyway, both are delightful and so much fun. Never fail to make me laugh. — Cheryl