Maddie (Puppy Mill Mom to Little Missy)

We completely adore Maddie! She is so loveable, but a bit naughty! She follows me around and lays so sweetly beside me watching me work in my flower beds and plant new flowers. Then when I am gone she digs them up or bites the tops off! She has learned to play with toys and is in the process of learning what counts as a toy that is okay to chew on – not my chair, George’s belt, or his glasses! I keep telling George we have a baby in the house now and he can’t leave anything out. Doogie never did any of these things and he gives her a look that I swear is trying to warn her that she will get in trouble if she does that! She is getting much better with George, but still doesn’t like his wheelchair much. She barks at that, but comes to him if he is on other furniture and loves to chew on his hand. I think she is still grateful to be here. Sometimes she suddenly jumps on me at night, pulls back the cover, and starts kissing me all over my face.

It has taken a while to get her to let us groom her and we just decided it was best to start over. We have found a good one that comes to the house so Maddie doesn’t panic so much. I have started walking her down the street now and am trying to get her used to a few other people. It is just taking time. School is out June 4 and then we can do a lot more.

How are all the others doing? I hope her daughter, Little Missy, is well and happy.

Shirley, George, Doggie, and Maddie

And a 2011 update!

Below is an update on one of the mill dogs that I got in Alvin last February. Maddie was the rat poison pups mommy. Shirley and George got one of my puppies and Doogie is about 5 years old now. Shirley had told me to look out for a sister for Doogie and when I called and told her about the mill dogs and that I had– Maddie, Fancy and Fancy’s litter, George told her to tell me that they were on their way (from the Dallas area). Six hours later they drove into our driveway here in Blanco. George is in a wheelchair and Maddie was afraid of him at first; but it sounds like she had come a long way!!

It is because of wonderful people like Shirley and George that WIN is successful!!

Gwen B. Arthur

I am guessing this was Maddie’s first experience with snow. At first she just stopped and looked around. Then, she started smelling it and putting her nose down in it. As soon as Doogie came out and showed her it was ok, she took off running all through the yard. She is the snuggliest baby! Once we are in bed, here she comes ready to snuggle up and be rubbed. She is still a bit skittish with sudden moves or in small places and only loves George and me. She has come a long way, though, and is very affectionate. Doogie has to tell her to settle down sometimes because he doesn’t like to play nearly as much as she does, but he looks after her. My brother and sister-in-law live down the road and have a dog they adopted. Red appears to be half lab and half basset hound. He is a character! Maddie loves for him to come down and play. They run, wrestle, and play for as long as they can.

Shirley & George