Our little Maggee just turned three. We got her through the help of Alma and Kent who flew her in from Nebraska on their way to a wedding north of Chicago. She was just five months old when she arrived. Maggie has turned into a twenty pound happy, friendly, and loving bundle of lap dog. She really fills our lives.

Now that we lost our other dog, Ben, my wife Billee just about makes Maggee believe she is the best dog ever (Ben had been such an affectionate and close companion to Billee I could not imagine anyone could come close). Maggee talks now. Her whine means please take me with you. When outside the house her spinning means she is so happy to be free. When she runs like a little lamb we know she has excess energy that needs to be used.

Her licking us means thank you for rubbing my tummy or back. And not eating for a couple of days after Ben did not return home meant she is in mourning too. They had daily play fighting that included Ben at seventy-five pounds learning how to catch Maggee when circling our back yard tree. Ben learned when to reverse direction after convincing Maggee he would only be going one way.

Then Magee learned how to hide under Ben’s belly so Ben could not reach her. Of course Maggee could reach up and yank on Ben’s facial hair to win another skirmish and make Ben cry. And if Ben got lazy Maggee would get things started again by pulling on Ben’s tail or some other part of Ben’s anatomy.

Thanks to Alma, Ken, Dee and Gwen for all of your assistance. Our family is pretty darn happy!

Earl Rossum