Maggie lived in a puppy mill until WIN rescued her. She has landed on her feet. In the first week in her new home, she “ate” Don’s Bible—Don and Deb just said that Maggie was probably hungry for the word of God!!

They report the following:

Here is Maggie with our grandkids. She is fitting in well, a few medical problems but we believe she is slowly coming out of her shell. She romps playfully with the dogs next door and loves to be petted. She has had only one accident in the house, which we believe is due to medication the vet prescribed. Once off, she is fully house broken.

What a joy to have in our lives. She is a little treasure and blessing. Thanks for all that you and Wheaten Rescue do for these sweet girls and boys. PS. If you receive a 2-year-old female Wheaten who needs a home, please let us know. We believe Maggie would do very well with a little buddy; as we observe her with other dogs, she livens up and plays when with them. We are looking for a very special second dog, one with less medical and emotional problems so we can continue to work on Maggie’s rehab.

Thanks again for everything. You guys are great!

Blessings, Don and Deb