Maggie’s odyssey began in September 1997 when she was born in a puppy mill in Nevada. She was shipped to a pet store in Naples, Florida and was sold in November 1997 to a couple there. Maggie had a nice home, but her first set of parents got a divorce and there was no place for Maggie in their lives. So Maggie was sold through the newspaper to a family on vacation in Naples.

Maggie’s second family had just moved to Connecticut, and they had 6 year old twins and an 8 year old. What seemed like a great idea on vacation, wasn’t so great when they returned to the reality of every day life. It took only 2 weeks for the family to determine that they didn’t really need a dog in their lives at this time. Fortunately for everyone, Maggie’s second mom made the effort to get in touch with Wheaten rescue. From there, Gwen Arthur of WIN took over and offered Maggie to us. Now Maggie needed a WURL to Alexandria, Virginia.

The Marzo family made arrangements to meet Maggie’s family in Northern New Jersey,and took Maggie home to spend the night with them on May 9. Maggie had a great time playing with the Marzo’s 2 dogs. On Saturday, the Marzos WURLed Maggie to New Jersey and met the Laubschers. She spent the night with the Laubschers in New Jersey, and on Sunday they WURLed her to Maryland where they met Pat Simrell. Pat brought Maggie to her house in Columbia, Maryland where we finally met Maggie for the first time Sunday evening. Was she ever a keeper!!!!

After we got home Sunday evening, Maggie and Clancy (our male who is 1 year older than Maggie) spent time getting to know each other. Lucky for all of us, there was never a problem. Maggie seemed to settle in, and Clancy accepted her without question. As a matter of fact, Clancy allowed Maggie to be dominate the first couple of weeks. However, now that Maggie is comfortable here, Clancy has assumed the dominate role. It only took a few days before they were eating and drinking from the same bowl at the same time and sharing the same crate. Maggie sleeps upstairs with our 11-year-old son, and Clancy still sleeps with my husband and me. They love running and chasing each other in the fenced yard. Maggie had never had a fenced yard to run in, and she runs like the wind. They both love to go in the car, and I take them whenever possible. They have become great pals.

Maggie is one sweet dog with an endearing personality. She came to us with all of her hair cut off, but her Wheaten personality was still there, and her hair will grow back. Her odyssey has finally ended. As I said before….she is a keeper!!!