Mandy has Addison’s Disease and she was surrendered to a shelter in Newport News, VA, the latter part of 2010. I saw her on PetFinder and was just haunted by her plight. Her owners had not maintained her care and she had a couple of ER visits because of that. Addison’s is actually quite easy to treat with daily doses of prednisone and monthly shots of Percorten, but it does entail some expense as well as understanding the importance of the medications.

I was finally able to find a wonderful foster home for Mandy, where she remained until December 2011. It took awhile to find the perfect home, but she is there with her new daddy who had recently lost his Wheaten and was looking for a new companion. Dan had a brother with Addison’s so he was quite familiar with the disease.

Many thanks to Clare, who fostered Mandy until husband and family were stationed in Japan, and her second foster mom, Kathryn, who took up the task and then delivered her to me from Newport News, VA, to Rob Horgan who met me in Elkton, MD and took her to Cherry Hill, NJ, to her new daddy Dan who drove to Cherry Hill from NH, to Karen White for lending her knowledge of Addison’s disease and last but CERTAINLY not least Gwen for being supportive throughout this entire effort.

Mandy is a delightful and spirited girl and I hope she and Dan have many happy years together.

P.S. I was delighted to actually meet Mandy on her way to Dan but then Dan was driving through Maryland on his way elsewhere and stopped by. So I got to meet Dan and see Mandy again. WIN WIN!! ☺