10-year old finds home after a year in a kennel!

Christmas came a few days early for Marley and his new family when he was adopted on December 21st. Marley had been placed in a kennel over a year earlier when his owner in California suffered a stroke. The owner’s daughter, with three dogs of her own, didn’t have room for Marley in her own home and placed Marley in the kennel until she could sort things out. His owner ultimately passed away, as did the days, weeks and months as Marley made the kennel his home.

Ultimately the veterinarian caring for Marley at the kennel found Wheatens in Need and contacted the daughter with the information. Gwen was willing and Marley was soon on his way to Texas.

In the meantime, his soon-to-be family was just a short drive across Houston and had been searching for a Wheaten. Brett and Bev Hall had found WIN on the web and submitted their application for adoption a month or two earlier. They had raised a Wheaten alongside their 20-year old twin sons but had been empty nesters for the past couple of years. Brett called to follow up on their application just a week after Marley’s arrival and a couple of weeks before Christmas. When he heard about Marley he quickly told Bev that her Christmas shopping was over…he had found his perfect gift.

Marley has quickly made himself at home and spends his days at Brett’s feet in the home office where Brett conducts business for Ideology, a design and marketing firm. Marley loves to go in the car and accompanies Brett on his errands every day… even if they have to make some up just to go for a ride.

“I’ve had dogs all my life”, says Brett. “Brittany Spaniels, Old English Sheepdogs and Afghan Hounds but really found the perfect pooch with our first Wheaten. There was a hole without a dog around and when we considered getting another one there was no question what breed we wanted to get.”