Max was an unusual story in that his original owners both had failing health. The male owner was placed into a nursing home with his wife following shortly thereafter. The couple who lived next door had a cockapoo mix who used to race with Max up and down their fence line. When the female owner had to go into the hospital, the distant family asked them if they would take Max in until she returned home. They did so.. but, she never returned. The granddaughter of the owner told the neighbors to either keep him or find another home for him. While they couldn’t keep him, he was a great companion to their dog… but summer was coming and they have a boat they like to use to go to Nantucket and the cape and it really wasn’t big enough for Max and all of them.

The neighbor contacted Gwen, and I was called in to assess the situation. Max was absolutely darling. We had loads of chats with the neighbors and then Maria Flanagan and I went into action. When we work on rehoming Wheatens, Maria and I like to split up the work depending upon the location of the dog. Once we’ve decided what we are looking for, in this case, she started interviewing applicants from our data base.

Bob and Emer live on Cape Cod. He had just retired from the Air Force and they applied to WIN for a Wheaten. A home visit confirmed that this was exactly the right home for Max, and Bob and Emer were exactly the right adopters. It’s a match made in heaven, and Max is living the life of… well, Max!

After the adoption was completed, the neighbors were very concerned about how he was doing. They couldn’t keep him, but worried about his well being. Knowing that Bob and Emer had a boat and that they toured the Cape and the Islands, we thought it was very likely that they would one day run into one another…. so we decided to let them begin corresponding via email. We are happy to report that Max, Bob, Emer, and the neighbors who helped Max encounter each other regularly in the boating waters off Cape Cod.

Max, Bob and Emer have just returned from a car trip to Florida to get away from the tough winter of New England. Apparently he was the talk of LaQuinta chain hotels. He had a great time! Another happy ending for a Wheaten and his new forever home.

Sue Henry