Leading the quiet boring life that I do – an 18 year son, a daughter getting married in 6 months, me working a full and part-time job too as the now sole owner of my home, I did discover that I had a problem. A sad Westie named Frasier. You see, everyone had left pretty much at the same time and Frasier just didn’t get it, not even with all the love and attention in the world. And lets face it. I had my moments too. So I checked out the local shelter to find that a Wheaten is a great companion for any dog and family and since I have asthma this breed would be perfect. No shedding – kind of hypoallergenic they say. A few things to fill out online and before I knew it I was in contact with the family taking care of Max.

We had a meeting, the dogs got along great right from the start and Max has been here ever since. He is the cuddliest of friends, listens very well and has learned new behaviors easily. He even shares “the chair” with Frasier. What a dedicated companion! We did find out the hard way that he loves bread. My daughter baked a banana bread and left it on the table. Not a noise to be heard except for Max burping and us finding just a few crumbs left on the floor. He ate the whole bread – saran and all. What loud gurgles for a couple of days then all was fine! He is a great watch dog, loves to visit with the neighborhood kids and dogs and has been the best gift to myself ever. Mr. Max is just the best.

Check out the site – adopt a Wheaten!