Max was wurled to us from Atlanta. We met him in Hagerstown, Maryland, and we have been a family ever since. Our sweet boy has had a very bad week. He has arthritis in his spine and, sometime during the day on Thursday, he was acting like a puppy, instead of the 11 year old that he is, and twisted something. Max had severe muscle spasms, cried his little puppy heart out, and could not sit or lay without great pain. We took him to the vet, who gave him a hearty shot of 3 medications, 5 days worth of Xanax and pain pills, and orders to keep him quiet. After of day of watching him, trying to keep him quiet, and begging him to take a nap, he finally gave in to the drugs. This morning he woke me, by jumping onto our bed, giving me lots of kisses and “the paw” as a sign to rub his chest and chin. He dove on top of Arnie, licked his face and ears, and demanded a belly rub. Our baby is feeling better!!! While our anniversary date was not the celebration that we had planned, our weekend was quiet and focused on Max and getting him to feel better. He is nosing arm as I type this message. He needs a rump rub. Max is a joy and we love him more every day.


Jane Miller and Arnie Horovitz