Tahlequah, Oklahoma, summer of 2011, hot, humid, hail storms, tornadoes—a tiny female Wheaten looking for shelter wandered onto a property where she took up residence in an abandoned dog house. The landowner tried to coax her with food and water but she shied away. The kind person let her stay on her own terms…then one stormy night, when they opened the door to let their dog in, Millie ran in the house too.

They called animal control to come get Millie. The shelter contacted a local rescue to help. The rescue took Millie to the vet where she was diagnosed with malnutrition, anemia, and severe dental issues.

Rita, who fostered Millie, had her teeth cleaned and a few pulled. She nursed Millie back to health and then posted her on PetFinder, where WIN volunteer Vicki Duncanson saw Millie and alerted Gwen. Within hours, a plan was in place. Barb DeLozier picked up Millie from Rita and took her to her foster home in Lewisville, where she has remained since August 2011. Millie had a brief forever home but was returned in 2 days because she could not do her job.

Millie is officially retired since she is a senior citizen. She needs an owner who recognizes she has paid her dues. She is on SS…Senior Silence…Millie has not barked once! If you have a soft spot for old ladies, possibly from a mill, and very sweet Wheatens, then Millie might be the dog for you!