Milo came to us from WIN in October of 2008 by way of fosters Karen and Ray White, in Lewisville, Texas. You have probably already read about Milo’s sister, Macy, and her unfortunate story. As heartbreaking as it is, I like to think that the same circumstances brought Milo to us and we are truly thankful. He brings us a lot of laughs with his antics and once in awhile, the puppy comes out and he can be such a pain! But you know, all in all, all you have to do is look in his eyes and know that he is so well worth the effort. After surviving a puppy mill for 5 months, Karen and Ray and their dogs Molly and Meghan really made the difference in this young man. Without the weeks spent with them, he wouldn’t be as social as he is today. Even when he came to us, he was wary, “hand shy” and mistrustful.

His first week here was hard, but when it was through, Milo was a member of our family. Over the next few weeks, Milo learned some basic commands like “Go Do Your Stuff” which I said each time he went to do his potty business. After 2 weeks, we went in the backyard and I said the phrase, he looked up and me, trotted off and DID IT! Now, it is everyday language. When he gets out of hand and is in full tilt, crazy mode, “Chillout” gets his attention and he sits, and then lies down…. he grumbles once in awhile, but he’s never mad for long. I have an office upstairs and I can say “Upstairs?” and he will cock his head, perk up his ears and head for the stairs.

Milo loves to run to the landing on our stairs and stand up to look out the window to see whatever is outside that caused a noise. He’s a great watchdog too, as long as it isn’t the pool guy who he loves.He’s a notorious thief. He sneaks socks and underwear from the hamper (ALWAYS remember to keep that lid on!) and he loves to chew paper. Doesn’t matter what kind of paper. I call him my little recycler so we have to make sure we don’t leave it where he can get at it! He loves his cookie at bedtime and all you need to do is say the word and he’s running for bed. He nudges me to go out when he needs to and he never has accidents in the house. He provides hours of amusement and companionship for my 79 year old mom who lives with me. She loves him as much as I do.

In 2009, Milo was “crowned” Grand Marshall of the Wheatens On Parade fundraiser. We were happy to have been a part of it and look forward 2010 to help raise much needed funds for WIN. Wheatens In Need provides such a wonderful service, it has no equal. Just look, it built my little family and keeps doing it year after year. Thanks WIN.

Marc, Melva and Milo Roberson

Denton, Texas