Mollie was taken in by some good Samaritans who went to the groomers to pick up their 2 dogs. Supposedly Mollie’s owners dumped her at the groomers while they settled in their new homes as they were divorcing, and Mollie was in the way of their selfish dispute. The husband changed his mind about picking up Mollie, and came to euthanize her instead of keeping her as she was now not in his plans after divorcing. The Samaritans told the groomer that they would take her rather than hear of her being killed, for no good reason. Since that time they have been trying to find a good home for her, because they cannot keep her themselves due to the fact that they already have 3 dogs (5-year-old wheaten, 5-year-old disabled westie with cerebral palsy, and 1-year-old poodle).

Mollie is very friendly, gets along with other dogs (they do not even seem to know she is here). She seems to be acclimating better each day to her new surroundings. She is a quiet older dog (14 years old), in reasonably good health (we have the health records), a little arthritic, losing a bit of hearing, and she shows her age a little bit (but can be energetic at times). She has been crated, and she is continent (no piddles, accidents). According to recent health records, she had urinary tests and were negative. Good in a quiet home with someone that has time and patience for her.