A few weeks ago I was up early on a Saturday morning to read the paper when I came across an add for a Wheaten – free to a good home. I woke Gwen clear out of bed to ask if it was okay for me to try and get her. Next I called the owners who were actually relieved to hear from a rescue group. Molly was purchased at a pet store a few months earlier but just proved to be too much for the family with small children.

So that afternoon 7 month old Molly came into our house like a whirlwind. We had forgotten what it was like to have a Wheaten puppy running around; we quickly remembered. Molly loves anyone and everything. She is a happy go lucky puppy who lives for playtime and she loves to be the center of attention. Molly needed some definite obedience training and a family that was willing to spend a lot of time working with her. So, we started on our search for her new family.

An application quickly caught my eye, and in no time at all we were making arraignments for the Millers from Bloomfield, NJ to adopt Molly. Molly’s new name is Adelaide (Addy) and the Millers are just “in love with her”. They have enrolled her in training at St. Hubert’s and look forward to getting started. They have since sent pictures of her and she looks extremely happy in her new home. We are very happy for Addy and for her new family.

Kelly Sinnott Union, NJ