Murphy McDog

We had decided to get another dog after our golden (Shannon) died 2 years ago. We had a big old cat (Spacely) and needed to add a dog back into the mix. We looked around at all the breeds and decided on a Wheaten. After a few misses we got Murphy.

He was so funny when he first went outside. He had no idea what grass was. His previous home had been in a Manhattan apartment and he never went outside. Now he just loves going out. He is still having a little trouble with potty training, he was trained on paper only, but we’re working on it.

It’s so much fun just watching him look at trees and smell everything and when he hears birds and ducks flying over he sits down and just stares up at them in amazement. We have an autistic daughter and at first Murphy would bite her because she would get so excited over him but he has calmed down with her and she now brushes him.

We have three kids and all three just love Murphy. He is a very smart little guy, he knows where everything is and he just loves to take car rides. Whenever I get the keys he bubbles over with Wheaten exuberance. He is so happy, that little tail never seems to stop. Murphy has indeed brought something special to this household. Can’t wait for the holidays!

Many thanks to Gwen and everyone that works to help WIN.
Starr Brennan and family plus Murphy McDog