The New Hampshire 7

Wheatens In Need rescued 7 Wheatens from a backyard breeder, who was getting out of the “business”. The 3 year old Dam had already given birth to two litters at her young age.

Gwen Arthur answered a Craig’s List ad and was able to persuade the breeder to allow WIN to purchase her 7 remaining Wheatens. The breeder wanted $4,700 for the 7 Wheatens who ranged in age from 3 months to 5 years. Gwen told her it would take a few days to raise the money, but gave her commitment to take these dogs. She could not take the chance that they would get into puppy mills and continue to be bred.

Gwen called Sue Henry (WIN’s Coordinator for the New England area)—knowing that Sue and her husband were moving to Florida—when Sue answered the telephone Gwen (while holding her breath) asked, “Sue are you still in NH?”—Sue replied, “Yes, but the moving van is coming tomorrow (Tuesday)”. After hearing the story, Sue said, “No problem, I will go over and visit the breeder on Wednesday, evaluate the dogs and take pics.” Sue’s evaluation was that these Wheatens were friendly, but in out-door pens in the mud and one little guy was matted to the bone.

Gwen started calling prospective foster to adopt homes who were in our WIN database, to find wonderful homes for these Wheatens. On Thursday morning Gwen received a call from a Wheaten owner/groomer from RI, who offered her services to help get these dogs cleaned up and groomed. Tina of Wheatenway also offered to vaccinate these dogs who had never been vaccinated. Gwen started to look for a place to do this and considered getting a motel room, when another call came in from Sandy Delosantos, saying that she and her husband Mike owned a condo in the area and we could use it!!

SO–At 9:00 am Saturday morning, Sept. 20th a team of WIN volunteers went to the property. Sue and WIN volunteer Don brought dogs/puppies out and turned them over to the other volunteers, who loaded them into the vehicles and off they went to Mike and Sandy’s condo where the bathing began, and Tina started to work her magic. Tina also gave the dogs/puppies their vaccinations. Excited new owners started to arrive at the condo around 11:30. THE END and THE NEW BEGINNING!!