I got the call from my sister (Jennifer A. who is very involved with WIN) on Thursday January 16th. She wanted me to go to Indiana and pick up a Wheaten who was going to have to go back to the shelter and probably be put down. I have recently lost my husband have my hands full with two sons, an Airedale, a full time job and a house to maintain. My first instinct was to say NO but my sister didn’t want to hear that. She convinced me that all I would have to do is pick him up, train him for a few weeks to get him ready for a new home and it would all be as easy as pie.

When I went to pick the Wheaten up early on Sunday January 19, I could see that he was in an unfortunate situation. The family that had him could not take care of him. The minute I saw him I fell in love. He is calm, gentle, sweet and very loving. The next few weeks we went through some challenging times with potty issues but now he is almost perfectly trained.

My boys and I are crazy about him and of course we are not giving him up. I feel like he has brought us so much joy…it is the first time since my husband died that we have all felt a little hopeful.