Dear Gwen,

Just thought you might want an update on Ollie. He is doing very well – and has grown quite a bit. He weight between 45-50 lbs.and is very healthy. Ollie has been in obedience training for three classes. He sits, goes down, waits sits on his quilt when someone is at the front door, stays and most important to us comes when he is called. He still pees occasionally when someone comes to see him even though they wait and I have him go to them otherwise he is perfect. He loves people and dogs but most important we love him. He has brought us and our other dog so much happiness. He still isn’t clipped perfectly – we have to have his feet clipped short as we have so many stickers. I am not sure if where I take him they really know how to clip a Wheaten. Next year, I am going to try and do it. I bath him 1x a week in the summer and 1x every 2 weeks in the winter already so now all I need is to start clipping.

Here is a picture of Ollie. Thanks again for him. Janie Swickard