Oslo was surrendered by his family two days after they brought their new baby home from the hospital. He arrived in NJ on 4/27/02, thanks to Pat Simrell and Rob Horgan who helped with his WURL. Also, thanks to Gwen and to Holly Craig for giving the little guy a much needed Wheaten haircut.

The first night with Oz was very hectic since another foster was still with me, plus my 2 1/2 year old Bailey, and now this new, very scared, little guy. When it was time for bed he jumped in with me, which was fine since he was housebroken and got a long with fine with Bailey, who usually opts for the floor when it’s warm out. To my surprise, he snuggled right in and slept by my side all night.

He blossomed into a happy, easy-going little guy. We discovered that when he gets excited, he runs around in circles and does what we now refer to as the ‘party’ dance. He and Bailey will spend hours playing toys or chasing each other around the house before they settle down next to each other for a nap.

About two months ago, he finally felt comfortable enough to start sleeping on his back, Bailey style, with his feet straight up in the air and his back legs off to one side. Sure he barks A LOT, and he can be pretty fresh sometimes. But overall the consensus was he’s a sweet dog.

We had a few possibilities for homes, but none of them came through for the little man. Maybe that was a sign that he was right where he belonged? We still weren’t sure.

A few more weeks passed by and I reviewed a few more possible applications, but after a routine visit to the vet where some health concerns came up and then some very careful consideration, we made a decision. Oslo is going to remain a permanent addition to my family. We love him very much and he will have the best possible life with us.

Kelly Sinnott, Mike Rolley, & Bailey (Oslo’s ‘little’ brother)